Who we are

We’re a non-profit initiative using behavioral science, technology, and design to tackle social and economic challenges.

At Spinel Lab, we work in partnerships with nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and research labs, to address challenging social issues: from health and sustainable consumption to gender equality, finance, and economic growth.

We translate research into actionable ideas to help people make better decisions, empower them to reach their goals, and adopt healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

How we do this

With simple actions that make big changes! From consulting and advisory to training and skills development, our work takes many forms:

  • Helping nonprofits in designing programs and interventions and better understanding their communities and clients. 
  • Supporting small businesses and startups in designing, building, testing and analyzing cost-efficient and effective experiments.
  • Collaborating with organizations to create good nudges and research-driven solutions. 
  • Embracing scientific thinking by promoting behavioral economics studies in the region and bridging the gap between research and product development.
  • Encouraging reflection and raising awareness about irrationality and biases to help people adopt new behaviors and make better decisions.

Meet the Team

Sadok Messaadi


Soumaya Harbaoui

Co-founder and managing director

Myriam Souissi

Research Associate

Ines Mahnaoui

Research Associate

Amira Messaadi

Head of Research

Eya Hidri

Content Manager

Kawther Khemili

Operations Manager

Keira Rakoff

Advisor – Behavioral change and mental health

Chadwick Poon

Advisor – experimental design and behavioral analysis

We would like to meet you

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