Learn Behavioral Economics to improve your life and the lives of others

Learn the psychology behind decision making, the theories and frameworks related to human behavior, the approaches and strategies that drive behavior change: why we act irrationally? Why we do things that are against our best interests? And what we can do about it?

Our Learning Topics


Using insights from BE to maintain or attain good mental and physical health, prevent health problems, stay physically active and adopt a healthier lifestyle. 


How BE principles can help you cultivate your happiness, experience more satisfaction and take better care of yourself.


What are the psychology of money, mental accounting, and financial health? How to take control of your spending, save more, and build a financial wellbeing strategy.

Personal Growth

How to build self-control, improve focus and productivity, master self-discipline and enhance your learning capacity.

Decision Making

How to become a better decision-maker: learn about the decision-making processes, the frameworks of choice architecture, and heuristics.


Leverage BE findings and concepts to make better parenting decisions, improve your children development and create a positive impact on them.

Cognitive Biases

What is bounded rationality? how cognitive biases are affecting your day life and is it possible to overcome them?

Introduction to BE

What are the foundational theories and key principles of BE and how to use them to improve your personal and professional life.

BE careers

How to get into Behavioral Economics: potential career options, academic paths and research topics.

Our Learning Experiences

From the introduction to Behavioral Economics principles to the explanation of its application in everyday life, we organize workshops, training sessions, and retreats, to translate research into practice.

BE Retreats

Wellness, self care and personal growth retreats, where you learn scientific behavioral change techniques and how to apply them in your life.


Hands-on training that will give you the tools you need to implement Behavioral Economics principles in practice

Training sessions

Capacity building training programmes: online and on-site lectures, discussions, and interactive activities.

We design customized learning experiences to meet your specific goals